Creative Learning

Puppet Making

These workshops are structured so that everyone follows step by step instructions to make a puppet. The participants are then free to use the decorating materials to add their own characteristics and costumes. All of our sessions can be linked to different topics and themes.

Our creative workshops are not just limited to making puppets (although these can be many and varied in themselves). We can also extend projects to create scenery, props, masks and more. Working with one group for a full day means we can also explore performance skills and story development. There are infinite possibilities, and our creative team are happy to discuss and develop ideas with you.


“I would definitely make another puppet with you because you are kind and inspiring.”

 - Pupil from Ludham Primary School


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Running Time

We can either run whole day sessions or two hour (half-day) sessions. For example we can work with one class of up to 30 in the morning and one in the afternoon, or one class for a whole day. We can extend this to one and a half or two day sessions to accommodate larger school groups.

Age Range

These workshops can be tailored to suit groups of all ages from 5+ and to all abilities. 

Number of Participants

We can accommodate up to 30 participants in each workshop, enabling our workshop leader to provide support and guidance throughout the session.

Workshop Requirements

- Space for the workshop(s) to take place in with access to power.

- Access to the space 1 hour prior to the workshop start time to set up and up to 30 minutes at the end of the day to pack away.

- Enough table workspace and chairs for each participant.

- 1 extra table to use as a glue gun station (we will provide a cover).

- Extra surface space around the edge of the room for our decorating materials.

- Help and support from staff during the workshop.


Our prices are based on our workshop leaders' time. So one day means one day for one leader, if we run sessions simultaneously we therefore need to charge more to cover two leaders.

£270* for a two hour session (30 pupils)

£360* for a whole day of workshops (either 30 pupils for a whole day, or 60 pupils across two, two hour sessions)

£440* for two simultaneous two hour sessions (60 pupils)

£590* for one and a half days (e.g. 90 pupils across three two hour sessions)

£700* for two days (e.g. 60 pupils for whole day sessions or 120 pupils across four two hour sessions)

* All prices +VAT and travel if out of the Theatre.

Risk Assessments

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Puppet Making at Norwich Puppet Theatre

Puppet Making at your school/ venue

Booking Form

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You will need to download the form onto your computer and fill it out offline in order to save your answers. Please resave as your school name before sending back to us.

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To book a Puppet Making Workshop for your school, please fill out a booking form and return it to We will then get back to you to confirm details. Please try to contact us at least one month in advance of your preferred workshop date. You can also contact our workshops team on 01603 615564 but please be aware that they do not work in the office full time. 

Images used with permission from Wensum Junior School.

You can book tickets online for this event via the UEA ticket office*, or by phone through our box office.

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*Please note that an additional booking fee will be added to the ticket price