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A 'Show & Tell’ is usually a 1½ hour session where, after a short tour of the puppet theatre building, the audience is introduced to the four basic types of puppet: glove, rod, shadow, marionette - and the wide variety of types within these four categories.

The tour offers a chance to see behind the scenes of a real, working theatre, ask questions of theatre professionals and interact with the usually-untouchable performance puppets.

During the talk, there is an opportunity for hands-on experience with some of the puppets from Norwich Puppet Theatre's collection, to discover such things as the weight of the puppets, types of material used in construction, manipulation skills etc.

A ‘Show & Tell’ can be tailored to your requirements – for example we can focus on construction materials, character design, or re-telling of traditional tales. When booking, please let us know if there is a current project you're working on or if you have a focus in mind.


Show & Tell  Tour  Show & Tell 2


Running Time

One hour 30 minutes, including a short tour of the Theatre and the Talk. If the 'Show & Tell' is happening off-site there is, of course, no opportunity for a tour.

Age Range

Can be tailored to any age group from 5+

Number of Participants

Maximum group size is 60 children, but please note that this session is ideally for groups of up to 30 children. With larger groups, the number of individuals involved with the hands-on experience is necessarily reduced.

Requirements from off-site venues

- A clear space for the presentation to take place in, minimum 2m square.

- Access to the space 45 minutes prior to the start time to set up and up to 30 minutes at the end of the day to pack away.

 - 2 tables

We always ask for help and support from staff.


£180 for a one hour 30 minute session at the Theatre.
£180 + VAT and travel for a one hour 30 minute session at your venue.

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To book a Show & Tell for your school, please fill out a booking form and return it to We will then get back to you to confirm details. Please try to contact us at least one month in advance of your preferred workshop date. 

Download your Booking Form here (you need to click 'download' before filling it in, then resave as a PDF with your school name in the title and send it back to us)

You can also contact our workshops team on 01603 615564 but please be aware that they do not work in the office full time.


Images: used with permission from Andi Sapey and Wensum Junior School

You can book tickets online for this event via the UEA ticket office*, or by phone through our box office.

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*Please note that an additional booking fee will be added to the ticket price