Dinosaur Petting Zoo


The Dinosaur Petting Zoo came to town as part of NNF 2012!

This project was a very exciting collaboration between Norwich Puppet Theatre, Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Erth Visual & Physical Inc.

Norwich Puppet Theatre and Norfolk and Norwich Festival worked together to deliver an exciting school package incorporating shadow puppet workshops, stimulating research packs and performances of Erth's Dinosaur Petting Zoo.

Resources for the project can be accessed via the links near the bottom of this page.

Erth brought its unique Dinosaur Petting Zoo all the way from Australia. Children had the opportunity to help feed, water and care for life-like prehistoric marvels in this fabulous show. But they had to watch out, as not all the dinosaurs were as tame as they might seem!

Schools across Norfolk were invited to participate in this exciting event.

In April 2012, pupils across the County experienced Dinosaur Shadow Puppet making sessions, delivered by Norwich Puppet Theatre. The workshops were part of the build-up to seeing the dinosaurs themselves when Erth toured the Dinosaur Petting Zoo in May 2012 and conducted performances for schools throughout the region.


Teacher Resources For The Dinosaur Petting Zoo

Please click on the appropriate links below to access resources for the project.

Stage One Resources: Learn all about dinosaurs! Stage one resources present different types of dinosaur from all around the world and look at the fascinating dinosaur and prehistoric fossil discoveries of the UK

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