Meet the Team

Below, you can see the creative team behind Red Riding Hood and hear what they have to say about their different roles on the show.

   Peter O'Rourke

peter o'rourke


I am the director, designer and puppet-maker for Red Riding Hood. I am responsible for creating the visual elements of the show. My job as director, is to have an overview of the whole show and to make sure everything is ready on time.

 I work in close collaboration with Ben Glasstone (the music composer) and Tim Kane (the script writer). We use an integrated approach to create the story where, early on, we carefully discuss each scene and make decisions about which scenes will be mainly led by the music and visual elements and which scenes will be mainly spoken word.


During development and rehearsal of the show, there is a lot of discussion about how to put each scene together. Everyone has an idea of how each scene should be, those ideas are brought together and tried out in rehearsal which is when the puppeteers also start to bring their own ideas and skills into the process. My role is to be keeping an eye on things, I have a storyboard in my head and I try to see that through by working in close partnership with everyone in the creative team.


   Ben Glasstone 

ben glasstone


I am the music composer for the show. I wrote the songs and created all the recorded music and different sounds that you hear in the show. 

At the start of the process, I work closely with Peter (the director) and Tim (the script writer) to decide how to tell the story with music, words and puppets and how to make those different elements fit together. 

During the rehearsal period, I prepared all the music ready to be recorded. This involved creating written music for the different musicians to play for each piece and then recording them in my studio. 

The last process for me to complete is editing all the music and sound effects so that the details, such as puppet actions, fit together with the music and sounds as effectively as possible. I am also helping the two performers to learn and rehearse all of the songs they will be singing live in the show. 

   Tim Kane

Tim Kane


My role is script writer for the show. I decide which words the characters say and structure how we tell the story. I do this in collaboration with Peter (the director) and Ben (the composer).

For this show, one of the things I did was to read different versions of the Red Riding Hood story and decide which parts to use in our own story. In addition to this, we added some story ideas of our own. Once we knew the elements of the story and had divided them into scenes, I was then ready to write the dialogue for the characters in each scene.

During the rehearsal process, I visit several times and make changes to the script , responding to what the director and performers are creating with the characters. 


   Shane Connolly 

Shane Connolly


I am a performer in Red Riding Hood. In this role, I am sometimes an actor and singer but mainly a puppeteer and storyteller. 

Part of my role is to try to ensure the story flows. This involves working collaboratively with Zannie (co performer).

I play lots of different characters in the story. In rehearsal, we try out different ideas so I can find the right rhythm to play each different character. As well as different characters, there are also different types of puppet in the show (such as rod puppets and glove puppets), so part of the rehearsal is also about getting used to the different techniques needed to perform with each puppet.

Zannie and I also have to move lots of scenery and props in between the performance scenes. We want this to be done in a choreographed way, moving closely with the music and sound to blend in.


   Zannie Fraser

Zannie Fraser


I am a puppeteer and performer in the show. My role involves working closely with Peter (the director) and Shane (co-performer) to tell the story using the fantastic puppets.

In the past, I’ve often worked as a solo puppeteer and performer, specialising in shadow puppetry. I am finding it great to work in such a large team and with so many beautifully made puppets.

In addition to working with the puppets, I’m doing a lot of singing throughout the show to tell the story. In fact, this is more singing than I have ever done before in a show but I am really enjoying it.

   Paul Osborne

paul osborne


I am the production manager for the Red Riding Hood show. My job is to help Peter to create the visual look of the show. This involves designing and making all sorts of things such as small props and prototypes to test new ideas. I’m also responsible for scenery painting, mending and altering the set and making any things that are needed to get the show looking just right. 

One day l might be dying material different colours, on another day I might be making small props like a little lantern for a puppet character to carry in the dark, dark forest!


   Declan Pattison

I am the lighting designer for Red Riding Hood. My job is to create the right balance of light, shade and colour to evoke the feeling of a forest setting.

I select natural. Subtle light tones to complement and highlight Peter O’Rourkes design work. To make these choices, I have been doing colour comparisons with the set and puppets and getting information from discussion with Peter (the director) about how the show should look and feel.

Once all the decisions have been made, I hang all the lights in place and then make changes when necessary. Tea and biscuits are essential tools for this job as it involves lots of going up and down ladders!

The last thing that will happen, is that I will program the lighting cues which create each scene into the lighting desk and computer so that everything is ready for the show.


   Theo Bidmead

Theo Bidmead

I am a student intern from City College Norwich. I am currently in my 2nd year of a BTEC extended diploma studying production arts (technical).

I've been assisting with stage management during production of the show, helping make the prompt copy of the script and running the sound cues during rehearsals.

I also helped to make one of the stick lights used for creating the shadow sequences that are in the show.

It has been good to be involved with the show, particularly because my course has not covered working on puppetry performances.

  Chloe Harris

 I am a student intern from City College Norwich. My role has been to support stage management of the show. This has involved making a ‘prompt’ copy of the script, this is a script which has all the light and sound cues included, as well as the performers dialogue parts.

I’ve also been preparing gels for the lights (gels are the coloured filters that go in front of a light to make it a different colour). I’ve been helping to hang the lights and program them too.

This is a really good opportunity for me to learn about working within the theatre industry. I’m enjoying being involved with the show!

   Simrat Bhachu

Simrat Bhachu


I am a student intern from Norwich University College of the Arts. I am really enjoying learning about making the set and observing how all the different backstage elements come together. I am amazed by the design and processes involved with putting the show together.

I like the moments when I see the actors rehearse and perform as that brings the show to life and I am able to see the development of the puppet characters.


   Emily Kitchen

Emily Kitchen

I am a student intern from Nottingham Trent University. My role is to support Paul (production manager) to make props and finish the set for the show. In addition to these duties, I am also helping to make the costumes for the performers. I’m enjoying using textiles to create some of the props as this is different to my usual experience costume-making.

I am enjoying being involved with the production and find the backstage work and build up to the show very exciting!

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