A fairytale favourite spun before your very eyes.

Auntie spins as hard as she can to make the wool for the King’s special jumper. But the royals are out of cash, the girl who is helping is useless at spinning and the Prince just wants to be a shepherd. Everyone gets their threads in a twist and then Rumpel-you-know-who steps in. Who is he, where does he come from and can they guess his real name before he gets them all in a spin?

A woolly wonderland of a show with spinning, weaving, lively puppetry, music and storytelling.


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Interview with Zannie Fraser

Interview with co-director and designer

Zannie Fraser




Zannie Fraser - Co-Director and Designer

Bob Percy - Co-Director

Gemma Khawaja - Puppeteer

Gretchen Maynard-Hahn - (Tour) Puppeteer

Sam Arends- (In House) Puppeteer

Adrienne Quartly- Composer

Jan Zalud - Puppet Maker

Iain Halket - Puppet Maker

Addya Panayiotou - Maker

Pete Butler - Maker

Jonathon Carrie - Basket Maker

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