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Celebrity Puppet Auction Gallery

Many thanks to all the talented people who have decorated a puppet for the auction. The funds raised will go towards supporting the Norwich Puppet Theatre Trust's outreach projects working with the local community and schools.

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Suzie Hanna

Lot 1

Prof Suzie Hanna - Animator

Joel Benjamin

Lot 2

 Joel Benjamin - Illustrator

Henry Boon

Lot 3

 Henry Boon - Illustrator

David Chedgey

Lot 4

 David Chedgey - Artist

Liam Clark

Lot 5

 Liam Clark - Artist

Bev Cordaldean

Lot 6

Beverley Coraldean - Illustrator

Linda Davies

Lot 7

Linda Davies - Author

Lucy Ducker

Lot 8

Lucy Ducker - Illustrator

Douglas Farthing

Lot 9

 Douglas Farthing MBE - Artist

Vikki Feaver

Lot 10

 Vicki Feaver - Poet

Suzie Fowler-Watt and Stewart WhiteLot 11

 Susie Fowler-Watt

and Stewart White - Presenters

Lauren Glynn

Lot 12

 Lauren Glynn - Fashion designer

Alexander Gordon Smith

Lot 13

 Alexander Gordon Smith - Author

Sarah Greene

Lot 14

 Sarah Greene - Presenter

Bradley WalshBonus Lot 14a

 Bradley Walsh - Actor

Paul Heiney

Lot 15

 Paul Heiney - Presenter

Helen Ivory

Lot 16

 Helen Ivory - Poet

Rt Rev Graham James

Lot 17

Rt Revd Graham James, Bishop of Norwich

Ruth Knapp

Lot 18

Ruth Knapp - Artist

Bruce Lacey

Lot 19

Bruce Lacey- Artist

Martin Laurance

Lot 20

Martin Laurance - Artist

Graham Linehan

Lot 21

Graham Linehan - Writer and Director

Katharine Lowrie

Lot 22

Katharine Lowrie - Environmentalist and adventure runner

Helen McDermott

Lot 23

Helen McDermott - Presenter

Clare Melinsky

Lot 24

Clare Melinsky - Illustrator

Guy Myhill

Lot 25

Guy Myhill - Director

Libby Purves

Lot 26

Libby Purves OBE - Presenter

Matt Reeve

Lot 27

Matt Reeve - Artist

Prof Richard Sawdon-Smith

Lot 28

Prof Richard Sawdon-Smith - Photographer

Chloe Smith

Lot 29

Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North

George Szirtes

Lot 30

George Szirtes - Poet

Gwen Taylor

Lot 31

Gwen Taylor - Actress

Will Teather

Lot 32

Will Teather - Artist

Clarissa Upchurch

Lot 33

Clarissa Upchurch - Artist

Martin Figura

Lot 34

Martin Figura - Poet

Norman LambBonus Lot 34a

Norman Lamb - Member of Parliament for North Norfolk

Samuel Wilkinson

Lot 35

Samuel Wilkinson - Designer

Luke WrightLot 36

Luke Wright, Poet

Ben Youngs

Lot 37

Ben Youngs - Rugby player

Tom Youngs

Lot 38

Tom Youngs - Rugby player

Clive Lewis

Lot 39

Clive Lewis - Member of Parliament for Norwich South

Giles Foden

Lot 40

Giles Foden - Author

DJ. 78

Lot 41

DJ. 78 - DJ

Bruer Tidman

Lot 42

Bruer Tidman - Artist

Tim Kinnaird

Lot 43

Dr Tim Kinnaird - Chef

Celia Birtwell

Lot 44

Celia Birtwell CBE, Fashion and Textile designer

Richard ColesBonus Lot 44a

Revd Richard Coles - Musician

Geoffrey Palmer

Lot 45

Geoffrey Palmer OBE - Actor

Wendy Craig

Lot 46

Wendy Craig - Actress

Anita Dobson

Lot 47

Anita Dobson - Actress

Jenny Eclair

Lot 48

Jenny Eclair - Comedian

John Hegley

Lot 49

John Hegley - Poet

Neil Innes

Lot 50

Neil Innes - Writer and Comedian

Michael Rosen

Lot 51

Michael Rosen - Author

Colin Self

Lot 52

Colin Self - Artist

Rick Stein

Lot 53

Rick Stein OBE - Chef

Toyah Wilcox

Lot 54

Toyah Willcox - Singer

Joyce Dunbar

Lot 55

Joyce Dunbar - Author

Tom Conti

Lot 56

Tom Conti - Actor

Dame Cleo Laine

Lot 57

Dame Cleo Laine DBE - Singer

John Hurt

Lot 58

Sir John Hurt CBE - Artist and Actor

Maureen Lipman CBE

Lot 59

Maureen Lipman CBE - Actress

Maggi Hambling

Lot 60

Maggi Hambling CBE - Artist

Polly Dunbar

Lot 61

Polly Dunbar - Illustrator

Ella Goodwin

Lot 62

Ella Goodwin - Illustrator



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